Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Really Rank Response

I received a lot of very encouraging feedback to Saturday's blog about the so-called Citizen Investigation Team's enemy list, including messages from a few (now former) CIT supporters who had no idea how ugly CIT could get. And, as expected, the response that was the funniest, saddest and simultaneously most disgusting came from CIT itself. For the most part this amounted to an extended hand waving session in which Craig Ranke refused to take any responsibility for CIT's actions - basically claiming it's lies - ALL LIES - and besides, they have every right to keep a public enemies list if they want to! So there.


But aside from this expected silliness and complete lack of accountability for their actions, the reader was also treated to something a shade more sickening. In addressing the fact that CIT has called taxi driver Lloyde England both "the devil" and a "demon", Ranke not only refused to apologize for or acknowledge their very poor treatment of a Pentagon attack survivor who was kind enough to take CIT into his home (and be secretly taped recorded), but he insists that it's quite justified and even quotes the dictionary to show us just how much he really means it:

demon noun 3. a person considered extremely wicked, evil, or cruel.

But even that's still not enough and Ranke then goes on to obliquely compare the 73 year old cab driver to Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden and whoever rigged the WTC buildings with explosives, wondering aloud how anyone could possibly have a problem with this. The sad thing is, CIT's treatment of England is far from being an isolated transgression. This blog will be looking more closely at their dealings with other Pentagon witnesses in the very near future.