Saturday, August 8, 2009

CIT's Hit List

The so-called Citizen Investigation Team is already well known for their vicious personal attacks both on their interview subjects and on their critics. Pentagon witnesses who didn't tell them what they wanted to hear have been labelled "demon", "devil", "accomplice" and "plant". Likewise, those who have criticized CIT's methods, tactics or theories have been met with similar attacks and even threats and harassing phone calls. So it's really no surprise that Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis would initiate a public hit list of their critics - encouraging their followers to compile photos and personal information about those who've dared to openly disagree with them.

The list starts out targeting an unsavory group of so-called "debunkers" but then quickly moves on to activists within the truth movement who CIT considers their enemies. Photos and personal information are posted along with a deluge of personal attacks and veiled threats, with CIT encouraging their followers to be as nasty as possible. Aldo Marquis, who apparently gets off on playing the heavy and calls himself an "investigangsta" on CIT's site, at one point suggests kicking one of his detractors in the teeth. No one blinks an eye.

Is this what the 9/11 truth movement has become?

Thanks to CIT, unfortunately it is.