Thursday, December 3, 2009

Richard Gage Clarifies

Another one of CIT's much-touted endorsers offers a clarification:

Earlier this year I wrote a review of CIT's "National Security Alert" in which I recommended that we all take a closer at the eyewitness accounts supporting the "North path" of American Airlines Flight 77 at the Pentagon. CIT's investigation includes detailed in-person interviews which appeared quite compelling. As AE911Truth's focus is the destruction of three buildings at WTC, I didn't perform an exhaustive review of CIT's material and methods. My quick statement should not be portrayed as an endorsement of CIT's conclusion that the airliner "flew over" the Pentagon.

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect
Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Despite this, CIT continues to use Richard Gage's well-respected name as a recruiting tool, featuring only his original "quick statement" on their Praise page and regularly implying that he supports CIT's Flyover fantasy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

CIT and Melissa Data

Ever wonder why CIT sound exactly like marketing professionals? It's because they are. Both Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis are employed as sales representatives by a small but very profitable company called Melissa Data, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Oddly, Ranke and Marquis have publicly admitted to promoting CIT from their workplace, with no apparent concern about getting in trouble with their employer - even while posting threatening statements from Melissa Data's IP address. But we really enter twilight zone territory when we discover that Melissa Data set up a fake news site for the apparent sole purpose of publishing a CIT press release. At this point, we really have to ask just what kind of company is Melissa Data?

And what is Inspiriant Solutions?

Monday, September 7, 2009

The CIT Deception trailer

From the videomaker:

A mock trailer for a movie I'm not actually gonna make. I believe 9/11 was an Inside Job but I don't question whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon. The entire Pentagon attack was a psy-op in my mind to distract researchers and promote pointless debate and speculation that only discredits the movement. We now have scientific proof of demolition, let's focus on that instead of debating about what happened at the Pentagon. I also believe CIT and Pilots For 9/11 Truth are, whether they realize it or not, part of a disinformation campaign.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CIT Whitewashes Enemies List

Due to the unwanted attention that CIT Watch has brought down on the so-called Citizen Investigation Team's enemy list, Craig and Aldo have made a very weak attempt to whitewash their ugliness into something slightly less ugly. But only slightly. For the most part this only amounts to removing the word "enemy" and prefacing the list with a double layer of disclaimers. Aldo has entirely scrubbed his initial request for followers to compile information and pictures in an ongoing "database of enemies" and has also deleted his suggestion of kicking one of his enemies in the teeth. This attempt at throwing history down the memory hole seems to contradict CIT's original adamant defense of their actions - if there was nothing wrong with it, why change it? And in a typical act of CIT deception, no mention is made of the heavy editing that has taken place.

The funny part is that an enemies list is somehow supposed to be less offensive simply because it's not called an enemies list anymore.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peter Dale Scott Clarifies

Peter Dale Scott writes:

"I have not endorsed the flyover theory for Flight 77, and I do not personally believe it."

These words are contained in a form letter that Scott is sending out in reply to the many inquiries he has received from those who have been shocked and appalled that a scholar of his caliber would actually endorse the shoddy work of CIT. Scott makes clear that while he finds the witness testimony interesting, he has never supported CIT's absurd flyover theory nor does he support their habit of vile ad hominem attacks on witnesses and activists.

Also see: Peter Dale Scott Does Not Endorse the Pentagon Flyover Theory (and Neither Do I)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I think that best describes what non-CITers are thought of by CIT followers. Enemy. Not once can I recall a debate I had with a CIT follower (or, for that matter, CIT themselves) where I wasn't treated as a disinfo operative or someone with malevolent intent towards the organization. CIT has followers so blinded by ENTIRELY NON-SCIENTIFIC claims that they're literally unable to understand how anyone else can't believe as they believe. The only possibility? Well, if they're not new to the issue, then they must be agents of disinformation."

from CIT: A World Where Facts Are Irrelevant

A Really Rank Response

I received a lot of very encouraging feedback to Saturday's blog about the so-called Citizen Investigation Team's enemy list, including messages from a few (now former) CIT supporters who had no idea how ugly CIT could get. And, as expected, the response that was the funniest, saddest and simultaneously most disgusting came from CIT itself. For the most part this amounted to an extended hand waving session in which Craig Ranke refused to take any responsibility for CIT's actions - basically claiming it's lies - ALL LIES - and besides, they have every right to keep a public enemies list if they want to! So there.


But aside from this expected silliness and complete lack of accountability for their actions, the reader was also treated to something a shade more sickening. In addressing the fact that CIT has called taxi driver Lloyde England both "the devil" and a "demon", Ranke not only refused to apologize for or acknowledge their very poor treatment of a Pentagon attack survivor who was kind enough to take CIT into his home (and be secretly taped recorded), but he insists that it's quite justified and even quotes the dictionary to show us just how much he really means it:

demon noun 3. a person considered extremely wicked, evil, or cruel.

But even that's still not enough and Ranke then goes on to obliquely compare the 73 year old cab driver to Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden and whoever rigged the WTC buildings with explosives, wondering aloud how anyone could possibly have a problem with this. The sad thing is, CIT's treatment of England is far from being an isolated transgression. This blog will be looking more closely at their dealings with other Pentagon witnesses in the very near future.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

CIT's Hit List

The so-called Citizen Investigation Team is already well known for their vicious personal attacks both on their interview subjects and on their critics. Pentagon witnesses who didn't tell them what they wanted to hear have been labelled "demon", "devil", "accomplice" and "plant". Likewise, those who have criticized CIT's methods, tactics or theories have been met with similar attacks and even threats and harassing phone calls. So it's really no surprise that Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis would initiate a public hit list of their critics - encouraging their followers to compile photos and personal information about those who've dared to openly disagree with them.

The list starts out targeting an unsavory group of so-called "debunkers" but then quickly moves on to activists within the truth movement who CIT considers their enemies. Photos and personal information are posted along with a deluge of personal attacks and veiled threats, with CIT encouraging their followers to be as nasty as possible. Aldo Marquis, who apparently gets off on playing the heavy and calls himself an "investigangsta" on CIT's site, at one point suggests kicking one of his detractors in the teeth. No one blinks an eye.

Is this what the 9/11 truth movement has become?

Thanks to CIT, unfortunately it is.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Exposing CIT's Magic Show

A magic show depends on misdirection - getting the audience to focus their attention on something unimportant so the performer can "con" them into thinking he has achieved something he hasn't. CIT operates by distracting truth seekers from the myriad crimes and actionable issues surrounding the Pentagon attack and training their focus on essentially irrelevant details and a bogus flyover theory. By this method, CIT's followers are duped into asking the wrong questions about the Pentagon attack so the perpetrators will never have to worry about the answers.

The Visibility 9/11 radio show with Michael Wolsey recently hosted researcher Jim Hoffman to discuss CIT's strange campaign of misdirection. Over the course of this interview, Wolsey and Hoffman take CIT apart and put the pieces in the trash. This show is a must listen!

Visibility 9/11 interveiw with Jim Hoffman mp3

Monday, August 3, 2009

To Con A Movement

Victoria Ashley of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice exposes many of the so-called Citizen Investigation Team's deceptions in this comprehensive article. Ashley's previous essay Discrediting By Association brought the hammer down on notoriously shady characters like Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds. Now she shines a light on the CIT hoax.

To Con A Movement