Thursday, August 20, 2009

CIT Whitewashes Enemies List

Due to the unwanted attention that CIT Watch has brought down on the so-called Citizen Investigation Team's enemy list, Craig and Aldo have made a very weak attempt to whitewash their ugliness into something slightly less ugly. But only slightly. For the most part this only amounts to removing the word "enemy" and prefacing the list with a double layer of disclaimers. Aldo has entirely scrubbed his initial request for followers to compile information and pictures in an ongoing "database of enemies" and has also deleted his suggestion of kicking one of his enemies in the teeth. This attempt at throwing history down the memory hole seems to contradict CIT's original adamant defense of their actions - if there was nothing wrong with it, why change it? And in a typical act of CIT deception, no mention is made of the heavy editing that has taken place.

The funny part is that an enemies list is somehow supposed to be less offensive simply because it's not called an enemies list anymore.