Friday, August 7, 2009

Exposing CIT's Magic Show

A magic show depends on misdirection - getting the audience to focus their attention on something unimportant so the performer can "con" them into thinking he has achieved something he hasn't. CIT operates by distracting truth seekers from the myriad crimes and actionable issues surrounding the Pentagon attack and training their focus on essentially irrelevant details and a bogus flyover theory. By this method, CIT's followers are duped into asking the wrong questions about the Pentagon attack so the perpetrators will never have to worry about the answers.

The Visibility 9/11 radio show with Michael Wolsey recently hosted researcher Jim Hoffman to discuss CIT's strange campaign of misdirection. Over the course of this interview, Wolsey and Hoffman take CIT apart and put the pieces in the trash. This show is a must listen!

Visibility 9/11 interveiw with Jim Hoffman mp3