Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CIT Is Useless

911blogger.com has published a new article by Arcterus demonstrating CIT's utter uselessness to the cause of 9/11 truth. The article leaves aside CIT's lies, distortions and unethical behavior and focuses solely on the legal impracticality of their "evidence". One particularly compelling highlight:

Let's start with their own witnesses being cross-examined with each other. CIT's own witnesses state that the plane impacted the building. Their case for claiming the physical evidence was faked revolves around the testimony that the flight path as on the north side of CITGO. They would HAVE to find some way to convince the jury that part of the testimony was right and another part was wrong without directly saying so. Now even if they made this possible, invalidating a witness discredits their ENTIRE testimony. Even if you're only arguing against part of it, it only makes the entire testimony look bad. It's so unlikely it might as well be said to be impossible that an entire jury would accept a testimony to be PARTIALLY accurate. They would almost definitely disregard it. Even if, by some miracle, each and every one of them thought in this way, that would go out the window upon cross-examination. Take, for example, Sergeant Lagasse. CIT says that Sergeant Lagasse giving irrefutably wrong locations of the taxi cab and light poles actually supports their theory. Well, that's all fine and dandy, but back in the realm of reality, all it means is that he's WRONG. And if he's wrong, it means the entire testimony could be wrong.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zwicker Swears Allegiance to CIT

Barrie Zwicker, once considered a fairly reliable media critic, recently told the audience at the Deep Politics conference in Santa Cruz, California that "credibility is overrated". Now we know he really means it. In a disturbingly absurd video pronouncement posted recently, Zwicker swears undying allegiance to the CIT crusade and in equally absolutist terms announces that all of CIT's critics are government agents. Does he offer any evidence at all to back up this shockingly paranoid and disruptive claim? Of course not. And why should he - every CIT follower knows that only agents could possibly have a problem with CIT. You can watch Barrie Zwicker flush the remains of his sanity down the toilet here.